OpenMoko satellite phone?

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Tue Aug 26 19:52:37 CEST 2008

For some reason the lower part of my message didn't show up on the list, so
here it is again:

>  From a commercial point of view, this would allow OpenMoko to enter a new
> market that is considerably less crowded than the GSM handset market.
> Thuraya only sells 2 terminals: the SO-2510 (the smallest satellite terminal
> in the world) and the SG-2520 (dubbed a "satellite smartphone" but it's
> really just a Windows CE device with no possibility to install custom
> applications). This would also open new opportunities for custom hardware
> such as the Dash Express. Having an open satellite terminal with a builtin
> GPS receiver would be great for a lot of applications (IMHO).
> Finally, Thuraya seems to be very open to new developments, they have
> helped us a lot during the development process. The only problem is getting
> the other components (antennas, cables, development boards, SIM cards,
> prepaid scratch cards, etc) but we've become quite good at it so I can help
> with that if anyone is interested.
> Please let me know what you think. I will answer any questions you might
> have, provided they are not covered by the NDA we have signed with Thuraya.
> Once again, I do not work for Thuraya, I just own a small company in Romania
> and we have successfully used them in the past 1.5 years.

Razvan Dragomirescu
Chief Technology Officer
Cayenne Graphics SRL
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