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Battery Charging
         Revision 1.0
          Mar 8, 2007

If the current drawn from a USB charger changes suddenly within the range of 
0mA to 500mA, then the
transient voltage from a USB charger shall not go below VCHGR_UNDSHT. Under no 
circumstances shall the
transient voltage of a USB charger exceed VCHGR_OVRSHT.

Charger Overshoot Voltage VCHGR_OVRSHT 6.0 V max.

Though we couldn't even attach a USB-charger compliant to this spec, as it has 
to be equipped with micro-USB plug, we should expect to see voltages on 
USB-receptacle of up to 6.0V AT LEAST.

I think it's a strong argument for additional OVP extending our actual 
abs.max.rating of 5.5V to limits safely beyond 6.0V, like we are actually 
about to do for GTA03.

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