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Fri Aug 29 02:10:52 CEST 2008

Werner Almesberger escreveu:
> Joerg Reisenweber wrote:
>> I thought about much more basic things like "check if it's the right pin 
>> name",
> Yup, except that UEXTCLK (GPH8) is incorrectly labeled UCLK in our
> schematics.

Not incorrectly, just following table 1-1 (the whole pinout was probably 
copied from there or from a nearby table).

>> "check if the whole idea is actually feasible" etc.
> So far, everybody seems to think so.

So far, nobody (except perhaps Joerg) seems to have checked the routing 
and possible issues with having a 48MHz signal there. I also have no 
idea which kinds, amounts and values of magic capacitors or resistors 
would be needed to avoid a 100+ thread on the community mailing list 
about GPS not working, audio noise, or some other strange symptom. He 
also has to check if it cannot use too much current, cause mysterious 
sleep issues, or LEDs blinking while people aren't looking.

>> Not eager to search the whole manual for "UEXTCLK"
> xpdf <path> Enter Ctrl-F U E X T C L K Enter Enter ...
> I see that Cesar has posted a lot more references. BTW, xpdf also
> shows a table of content for the 2442 manual, so you can jump right
> to the section you're looking for :-)

I use kpdf, which also has both a text search and the table of contents 
(you can switch between it and the thumbnails).

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