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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andy Green wrote:
|> What I like though is the "Be conservative in what you do" part of it.
|> Because we have not seen failures in the field from GTA02 arrangements,
|> I am having a hard time accepting we need to change anything from proven
|> GTA02 situation.  If someone can actually show that GTA02 style
|> arrangement leads to product failure in normal circumstances then it
|> makes it clear we need to do better.  But it seems thousands of users
|> are proving it's robust enough already.  Why add reverse voltage
|> protection when nobody seems to have reversed the voltage on their USB
|> connector to date?
| I have two GTA01's that are dead due to 12V being applied to the power
| supply of an upstream USB hub instead of 5V ...
| Of course, this was in a test rig scenario, with 5V and 12V both
| available on a serial-remote-controlled relay box powering the devices,
| so perhaps that doesn't count as "normal circumstances" (but then
| perhaps it is normal for a phone like this ...).

Fair enough, I could tell you it won't survive 12V on USB port.  Nor
will any other USB device I heard of, I think it is OK.

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