Empty battery, unbootable Neo

Sören Apel abraxa at dar-clan.de
Fri Aug 29 23:23:53 CEST 2008

> Now I know that I must've hit bug #1158, but my problems don't stop
> here. With the battery empty, the Neo won't boot, so much is clear.
> However, it doesn't even charge, it seems. Before I went to bed last
> night I unplugged USB, removed the battery for 10 seconds and
> reconnected USB. The Neo attempted to boot as it always does upon USB
> connection and subsequently crashed before u-boot even loaded.

It turns out that it's a problem with the USB ports of my lenovo
dockingstation. When plugged into the dockingstation, the Neo acts in
these strange ways. When plugged into my T61 directly, it immediately
works as expected and boots.

Very strange to me, but I guess this just leaves #1158 to be fixed, and
my dockingstation :)


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