No blinken lights...

Mike (mwester) mwester at
Sat Aug 30 07:16:34 CEST 2008

Have we discussed this?  Seems to me this is another huge reason we need
the little micro that can just stay running all the time.

Someone tried to reach me this afternoon -- they called all of the
numbers they had for me.  I missed them all.  But at least my Treo was
blinking the little green LED when I came back inside, to tell me that I
had missed a call.

But the Freerunner was lying on the desk like a brick of cheese.  No
indication at all -- and no possible way to do it AFAIK, unless one
disables suspend entirely.

I know we won't have a second little processor on the GTA03, but is
there any way we can wire up a low-power "blinky" circuit on one of the
LEDs that can autonomously flash, so that we can let it do its thing
while the system is suspended?

Mike (mwester)

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