Empty battery, unbootable Neo

Mike Montour mail at mmontour.net
Sat Aug 30 09:25:45 CEST 2008

William Kenworthy wrote:

> Plugged in mains charger - no luck.
> Plugged in usb for ~10 mins.  Removed battery and replugged usb -
> started up normally (battery at critical, 0% on display).  Moved it to
> mains charger which now worked.
> This is the second time this has saved me :)
> I am using a recent uboot which might be what makes the difference.

Yes, the current u-boot doesn't work properly with the mains charger. 
I'm testing some patches that should improve u-boot's handling of 
deeply-discharged batteries, but it's still a work-in-progress. Watch 
the kernel list for updates.

For now, I would recommend to either use a USB cable to a PC or try 
holding the Aux button when you insert the charger cable (so that the 
NOR u-boot is loaded).

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