Fwd: No more optimization team

Al Johnson openmoko at mazikeen.demon.co.uk
Mon Dec 15 17:29:07 CET 2008

On Monday 15 December 2008, Joerg Reisenweber wrote:
> Are you living in an area where many people use their cellphone, but only
> few BS around? We have some cloudy theory this might be a trigger for
> #1024. A very good indication would be #1024 showing up on certain daytime
> while never seen at deep in the night. Another indicator for a situation
> matching our "crowded-BS"-theory is an occasional failure of non-FR
> cellphones to connect an outbound call (unusual "busy" on dialing out, or
> just nothing happens when you push green button), so you would have to
> retry until a resource (channel) is free at BS.

That doesn't fit my experience of #1024. I get intermittent reregistration 
problems with Orange, t-mobile and O2 in the UK, although it has the t-mobile 
SIM in most of the time. The O2 SIM has only been working since moko10 was 
released, and I haven't done much with it. There is no pattern to the day, or 
the time of day, that I have spotted. I have never had the trouble you 
describe when making calls. The reregistrations can be regular every ~20 
seconds, or irregularly at larger intervals. The regular reregistrations 
trigger the detection in ogsmd, but the irregular ones do not occur 
frequently enough to trigger it.

IIRC I have good signal strength from at least 3 cells, of which the stronger 
two have similar signal strength. The phone often moves seamlessly between 
these two, occasionally switching to the third. I have only looked at this in 
detail once and I don't remember if it was Orange or t-mobile.

I am happy to record some logs if you can make PCO2 available to me, and could 
solder up the required cable if given the pinouts. If I'm lucky it'll be the 
same as for the Neuros OSD cable that's around here somewhere.

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