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Thanks for the report! Helps a lot.

reselecting cells isn't an error or unusual behaviour. In fact that's what the 
phone is supposed to do, as long as it's two BTS with same signal-level, and 
the phone doesn't *transmit* every time to re-associate to the network

Please see Wolfgang's mail about NDA. Cable probably needs another pinout for 
the 2.5mm jack, if anything.


Am Di  16. Dezember 2008 schrieb Al Johnson:
> On Monday 15 December 2008, Joerg Reisenweber wrote:
> > Are you living in an area where many people use their cellphone, but only
> > few BS around? We have some cloudy theory this might be a trigger for
> > #1024. A very good indication would be #1024 showing up on certain daytime
> > while never seen at deep in the night. Another indicator for a situation
> > matching our "crowded-BS"-theory is an occasional failure of non-FR
> > cellphones to connect an outbound call (unusual "busy" on dialing out, or
> > just nothing happens when you push green button), so you would have to
> > retry until a resource (channel) is free at BS.
> That doesn't fit my experience of #1024. I get intermittent reregistration 
> problems with Orange, t-mobile and O2 in the UK, although it has the 
> SIM in most of the time. The O2 SIM has only been working since moko10 was 
> released, and I haven't done much with it. There is no pattern to the day, 
> the time of day, that I have spotted. I have never had the trouble you 
> describe when making calls. The reregistrations can be regular every ~20 
> seconds, or irregularly at larger intervals. The regular reregistrations 
> trigger the detection in ogsmd, but the irregular ones do not occur 
> frequently enough to trigger it.
> IIRC I have good signal strength from at least 3 cells, of which the 
> two have similar signal strength. The phone often moves seamlessly between 
> these two, occasionally switching to the third. I have only looked at this 
> detail once and I don't remember if it was Orange or t-mobile.
> I am happy to record some logs if you can make PCO2 available to me, and 
> solder up the required cable if given the pinouts. If I'm lucky it'll be the 
> same as for the Neuros OSD cable that's around here somewhere.
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