Openmoko Bug #2145: Debian: Reading of accelerometers broken

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Mon Dec 22 21:28:43 CET 2008

#2145: Debian: Reading of accelerometers broken
    Reporter:  Defiant               |        Owner:  hardware   
        Type:  defect                |       Status:  closed     
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   Component:  hardware              |      Version:  unspecified
    Severity:  normal                |   Resolution:  fixed      
    Keywords:  debian event2 event3  |     Haspatch:  0          
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Reproducible:  always                |  

Comment(by SimonKagstrom):

 There is a dump sysfs entry, that should give all registers of the device.
 I had a debug patch a while which offered more fine-granular access to the
 registers, but I don't think that's really needed in this case. It could,
 as always, be good to check the values of threshold etc.

 I don't think there is any changes to the accelerometer code the last
 couple of weeks, so it's strange if it suddenly broke now. However, is
 this really the same issue? The original bug report suggest that the
 device produces values in the opposite way than it's supposed to -
 producing data while being still and not when being shaken.

 The new reports seem to be a general low amount of traffic. Do the
 ruby/python scripts on

 seem to output reasonable data at least?

 // Simon

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