Openmoko Bug #2145: Debian: Reading of accelerometers broken

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Tue Dec 23 09:39:54 CET 2008

#2145: Debian: Reading of accelerometers broken
    Reporter:  Defiant               |        Owner:  hardware   
        Type:  defect                |       Status:  closed     
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   Component:  hardware              |      Version:  unspecified
    Severity:  normal                |   Resolution:  fixed      
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Comment(by SimonKagstrom):

 A general comment first: Thanks to all for the testing and experiments,
 the messages here have been very clear and to the point!

 Johannes: 100 interrupts per second sounds right when the threshold is 0
 (so that new datums is signalled by the interrupt) - the data rate is set
 to 100Hz by default. With threshold 0, the interrupt rate should not
 change depending on if the device is shaken or not - it always interrupts
 at each datum in that case.

 As for your earlier test: The interrupt is only enabled when the device
 file is opened - so if I understand that test correct, you are closing the
 device during the sleep and in that case the interrupt stream should stop.

 DigitalPioneer: Your first problem certainly sounds like the original
 issue, but as for the screen corruption I have no idea :-). To me it
 sounds like a more general problem. Andy: Could it have something to do
 with the "manual" bitbang used by the accelerometer code? (I'm thinking if
 it can somehow interfer with the Glamo).

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