[sound]: capacitor that act like a high-pass filter and so removes the bass on the headphones jack

Scott Carlson scottrcarlson at gmail.com
Sat Nov 15 17:17:52 CET 2008

Would also be possible to create a small inline adapter for head set that
have <1k input impedance? It may be convenient to make a batch and sell them
cheap? (As a non-intrusive) hw fix.?


> Sorry the audio is definitively broken due to the capacitor issue you're
> mentioning. There is no sw-fix either.
> You may get (semi)decent audio by:
> o- using a home-stereo line in, which has >1k input impedance
> o- using high impedance headphone (>600 Ohm)
> o- do a rework on the capacitors (there are different ways to do that, all
> need excellent soldering skills)
> o- use a bt-headset
> very sorry I didn't achieve to fix this for MP yet
> cheers
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