where to connect for extension ?

Al Johnson openmoko at mazikeen.demon.co.uk
Sat Nov 22 11:46:09 CET 2008

On Friday 21 November 2008, Alessandro Sappia wrote:
> Hi
> Me and some friends wants to connect the freerunner to some kind of sensor.
> We saw that the debug connector give us the SPI bus.
> is it a good choice ?

It has been suggested in the past. I don't know if anyone's actually tried it 
yet though.

> is there a point where to take power near there (the debug connector
> doesn't export it...

R4701 and R4702 next to the debug connector have one end on the IO 3.3V line, 
but may not be a good place to pull power from. R7802 on the other side of 
the speaker has the 3.3V supply for the accelerometer which may be better. It 
probably depends on your power supply requirements though.

I assume you've found the schematics:

> thanks for help. (we're good in coding, but awful in electronics :P)

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