Which microSD card does speed matter?

Joop Boonen joop_boonen at web.de
Wed Nov 26 12:11:40 CET 2008

> Joop Boonen wrote:
>> I have a question. I've ordered a Freerunner it should arrive within 2
>> weeks.
>> I'm thinking of buying an extra bigger (8GB) microSD card. I see that
>> microSD has different classes i.e. speeds. Does the Freerunner benefit
>> from the speed if so how much?
>> What is the best speed for the Freerunner to buy?
> IIRC the maximum transfer rate from the card is slower than Class 2, so
> you won't see any benefit from faster cards in the Freerunner.
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Yesterday I bought a SanDisk Mobile Ultra  microSD 4GB class 6 it seems as
it was cheaper with an usb adaptor than a slower class2 version.

I have a feeling that the boot processes if much faster than the boot
process with the supplied class 2 card.



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