GSENSOR_3V3 voltage drop

Christoph Mair ml at
Sun Aug 23 13:03:55 CEST 2009


I have some questions regarding the GSENSOR_3V3 line:
Under normal conditions I measured 2.8V. In suspend, the voltage drops to 
2.4V. I thought the the line would carry 3.3V when powered on and ~0V in 
suspend. Why isn't that the case?

How much current should I be able to get from this line? I connected the 
three-axis magnetometer HMC5843 which works fine when the phone is powered on. 
It even takes measurements in suspend, but then the voltage drops down to 
1.76V when a measurement takes place (every second for 4ms).

Can someone explain how this is supposed to work?

Thank you,

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