Status of bug #1024 (periodic signal lost and re-registration)

Dieter Spaar spaar at
Wed Jan 7 16:50:33 CET 2009

Hello Sargun,

> Oh, yeah, I may have forgotten to send this to list, but this post
> reminds me. I have also experienced #1024 when deep_sleep = never. It
> seems that it auto-recovers pretty quickly though. It also happens for
> 2-3 minutes, (at a cycle between 15-30 seconds). After a few minutes,
> the modem goes back to normal like nothing ever happened.

Thank you very much for this information.

Just a question to the people experiencing bug #1024: Anyone with a GTA01
who can reproduce #1024 ? "Deep Sleep" was introduced with "Moko3",
so it would be interesting to know if a GTA01 with "Moko3" or newer also
shows #1024.

Best regards,

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