Weird hardware mod ???

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Fri Jan 23 11:56:18 CET 2009

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| O.k. seems like this is mission impossible.
| I did a little research and did not find anything related to the Glamo
| camera interface.
| So, as long as there's no document available (i know about this NDA issue)
| seems this is a no go!
| Anyway, if you like to comment on this, don't hesitate.

Yes it's not a good mission to get sent on.  If the spy masters were
sending me on this mission, I would think about getting a new job.  It
would be many weeks of work for nothing that is easily repeatable even
with the docs.

Better to look at the USB host external interface, for webcam or real
camera.  In that way, you can be an "onward transmission" unit for any
camera even these 12Mpixel things.  And you don't need to open the case
or write any drivers.

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