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Sat Jan 24 00:29:23 CET 2009

On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 02:44:50AM -0800, scholbert wrote:
> Hi,
> after having a deeper look into the schematics of freerunner, i realized
> that most of the pins of the Glamo camera interface are physically
> accessible at the resistor networks RP1801..1804.

> Any comments are welcome!

   I've also thought about ways of adding an internal camera to a GTA02.
There's a camera controller in the s3c2440, but most of its pins have been
assigned for other purposes as GPIO and they may not be accessible in the
first place. So I've scrapped that idea.

   Then I saw that there's an internal USB host controller which is only
used for Bluetooth connectivity. It should work fine with a USB camera as
well. I haven't had a look inside my GTA02 yet, so I don't know which of the
following options are realistic:

   1) Just disconnect the BT chip and route the power and D+/D- to the
camera instead of the BT chip.
   2) Add an internal USB hub, reroute BT D+/D- through the hub, connect camera
D+/D- to the hub. Think of more USB devices to include while we're at it. ;-)


   Ad 2) Find an unused GPIO pin somewhere to control camera power, use
wired-or for hub power (or use another unused GPIO pin). E.g. PCF50633 pin
14 "GPIO3".

   I don't know yet where to find room for the camera. Having not yet had
the cover off my GTA02, the only unused space I know of is that next to the
battery, right over the µSD slot. The camera would then be mounted on the
inside of the battery cover, pointing away from the display. There'd be a USB
connector of some sort towards the side of the GTA02 for the electrical

   Pros of the USB way: Very simple electrically with only four wires to
connect. Uses existing USB drivers.
   Cons of the USB way: Lack of a camera suitable for USB 1.1. I have yet to
find one that does more than 800x600 compressed or 176x144 uncompressed.
Higher resolution still images ought to work fine over USB 1.1, but the
camera firmware needs to allow it.

   Btw, if you think modding a GTA02 to include a camera is wicked, read
- "it does not bulge much at all" :-)

Rask Ingemann Lambertsen
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