Weird hardware mod ???

Leonti Bielski prishelec at
Sat Jan 24 01:22:40 CET 2009

I like the idea. Seems simple and easy.
With small oscillator and other parts it will be possible to put it
inside the case without problems(I mean "inner inside" - leaving space
near the battery free for mods) - kind of the mod Werner did with his
internal debug board.

What drawbacks can we have after doing this?
What I would like to know from hardware folks is will it affect
charging/usb host mode etc.?


On Sat, Jan 24, 2009 at 12:29 AM, Rask Ingemann Lambertsen
<rask at> wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 02:44:50AM -0800, scholbert wrote:
>> Hi,
>> after having a deeper look into the schematics of freerunner, i realized
>> that most of the pins of the Glamo camera interface are physically
>> accessible at the resistor networks RP1801..1804.
> [snip]
>> Any comments are welcome!
>   I've also thought about ways of adding an internal camera to a GTA02.
> There's a camera controller in the s3c2440, but most of its pins have been
> assigned for other purposes as GPIO and they may not be accessible in the
> first place. So I've scrapped that idea.
>   Then I saw that there's an internal USB host controller which is only
> used for Bluetooth connectivity. It should work fine with a USB camera as
> well. I haven't had a look inside my GTA02 yet, so I don't know which of the
> following options are realistic:
>   1) Just disconnect the BT chip and route the power and D+/D- to the
> camera instead of the BT chip.
>   2) Add an internal USB hub, reroute BT D+/D- through the hub, connect camera
> D+/D- to the hub. Think of more USB devices to include while we're at it. ;-)
>   Power:
>   Ad 2) Find an unused GPIO pin somewhere to control camera power, use
> wired-or for hub power (or use another unused GPIO pin). E.g. PCF50633 pin
> 14 "GPIO3".
>   I don't know yet where to find room for the camera. Having not yet had
> the cover off my GTA02, the only unused space I know of is that next to the
> battery, right over the µSD slot. The camera would then be mounted on the
> inside of the battery cover, pointing away from the display. There'd be a USB
> connector of some sort towards the side of the GTA02 for the electrical
> connection.
>   Pros of the USB way: Very simple electrically with only four wires to
> connect. Uses existing USB drivers.
>   Cons of the USB way: Lack of a camera suitable for USB 1.1. I have yet to
> find one that does more than 800x600 compressed or 176x144 uncompressed.
> Higher resolution still images ought to work fine over USB 1.1, but the
> camera firmware needs to allow it.
>   Btw, if you think modding a GTA02 to include a camera is wicked, read
> this:
> - "it does not bulge much at all" :-)
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