GSM Buzz fix also applicable to GTA01?

Tilman Baumann tilman at
Wed Mar 4 12:44:42 CET 2009

Joerg Reisenweber wrote:

>> So my question is basically if the GTA02 buzz fix works for me and is it 
>> reasonable to think that I need it?
>> Maybe it can really be fixed with a better alsa state file.

> I'll answer more detailed questions on HW-ML (as you can tell from delay I 
> read [community] rather infrequent).
Oh, good to know. I did not know that hardware topics have a seperate list.
I have the same problem with the community list. Too much noise, too 
much unimportant.

> Basically the answer is: yes applies to GTA01 as well.
> And no we don't think buzz can be fixed by better statefile neither on gta02 
> nor on gta01.
Does this mean you have a solution for me? Or maybe some upcoming?
Or only a conformation that it needs to be fixed too?
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