Freerunner GSM Buzz fix, warranty and hopes...

Mike (mwester) mwester at
Sat Mar 7 20:13:34 CET 2009

MarcO'Chapeau wrote:
> Hello lists, hello Openmoko and hello dear reseller
> It is not my first time asking this both on the lists and to Trisoft. It
> won't be the last I fear...
> Do we have any hope for a mass fix for the GSM Buzz issue or will we have
> to buy a
> GTA03 (and get new hardware issues) ?
> I am more and more thinking that warranty at Openmoko is a do-it-yourself
> concept... While I am not a lawyer I would think a do-it-yourself warranty
> is no
> warranty, and we are meant to have one... This is not just ranting.
> Legally, I would say Openmoko would be troubled if
> some consumer association started asking questions.
> Same goes for Trisoft, which remain unusually silent when I ask this kind
> of question without being public about it.
> Now that everybody is in CC, let's get some answers.
> To me and probably many other users the critical question is not whether
> hardware issues get fixed fast or not. The question is a purely logistical
> one. Will the devices that have been sold so far be fixed one day ?
> Marc-Olivier Barre.

Good email, and good questions.  But apparently, the only answer is
total silence from Openmoko and the resellers.

The term here would be "stone-walling".

So, Openmoko -- any answers?  Or nothing but continued silence?  Can you
at least tell us why you have nothing to say?

-Mike (mwester)

(But, hey, at least this original email didn't get the normal flaming
responses from the fanboys, which usually run along the lines of: "You
should be happy that Openmoko gives you anything, it's such hard work,
and you have no right to expect that it actually works as advertised!",
with the occasional personal insult that people who cannot do
surface-mount soldering should not have purchased the phone in the first
place.  Sigh.)

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