GTA03 and E-Ink Interface

Ian Stirling OpenMoko at
Sun Mar 22 16:03:02 CET 2009

Jaya Kumar wrote:
> ni hao and hello OpenMoko friends,
> Ok, to explain my interest quickly: what I hope to do is to take an
> openmoko and add an E-Ink display, possibly replacing the LCD if
> necessary. It is too early for this to be useful to people so I do not
> want to consume any significant time or effort from OpenMoko's
> developers. I'm willing to do this on my own.
To raise a side-issue - where can these displays be purchased in the 
wild, in quantities of 1-10?

E-ink I've found less than helpful prototype wise in the past - I've 
resorted to buying ink panels from magazines for some experiments.

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