Calypso JTAG access?

Spacefalcon the Outlaw falcon at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Sun May 3 18:29:33 UTC 2015


I'm developing new GSM firmware for the Calypso (,
and I could really use the help of JTAG for debugging.  However,
unless I'm missing something, it appears that the Calypso's JTAG
signals are not accessible on GTA02 hardware. :-(  They are shown as
unconnected on the GTA02_Schematic_MB_A5_1220.pdf schematics, and
looking at the GTA02_MB_A6 gerbers which Sean recently released, I see
that the pads under the Calypso's JTAG balls are not wired to anything
at all, i.e., totally unconnected and inaccessible. :-(

However, the ZIP with design files which Sean dug up for us covers A1
through A6; GTA02A7 is not in there.  Would anyone happen to know if
perchance the Calypso JTAG signals are brought out to some accessible
test points on GTA02A7 or some other GTA02 or GTA01 version?


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