Datasheet for JBT6K74

Nelson Tam nelson at
Mon Aug 6 05:33:56 CEST 2007

Hi Harald,

Thanks for your detailed reply.

> Thus, our minimum requirement (either open docs or free software code)
> is fulfilled.  Sure, the situation could be better. But we have many
> fires to fight, and first want to get our minimum requirements
> implemented throughout the device.

That is an interesting situation, hopefully things will improve as
FOSS wins more battles in the corporate world.

> And as a side note, the data sheet is in no way simpler than the  
> driver
> code.  I agree that both code and data sheet would be great.  But just
> the datasheet is really a painfull process.  I know it, I wrote our
> driver based on it :)

That's a relief :)  Good news is, we have been making a lot of progress
thanks to the driver code.  Thanks for making that available.


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