GPS on OpenMoko

Harald Welte laforge at
Thu Jan 17 08:46:40 CET 2008

On Wed, Jan 16, 2008 at 07:52:00PM +1300, peter wrote:
> I've been waiting a while for the OpenMoko. The application I'm working
> on uses GPS as an intrinsic part of the system. What I'm reading on the
> OPenMoko site seems to indicate that GPS won't be delivered at all -
> that although the hardware will be present there will be no way to
> access it.

This is not the case.  Even with the existing GTA01 handset does have
working GPS - though it requires a non-free, proprietary component.

Where exactly did you read that GPS won't be delivered? This must be a
miscommunication, let's fix that.

> Waiting for the OpenMoko has been very frustrating, but to hear that
> vital functionality will be missing is virtually a deal killer.
> Will there be GPS capability on GTA 02/FreeRunner? 

I am not speaking for OpenMoko, Inc. since I left the Company in
November 2007.  But at least at that point, the GPS in GTA02 was already
working and I have not heard any news otherwise.

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