NEO 1973 usb change needed

Felipe Balbi me at
Tue Mar 4 00:36:42 CET 2008

On Mon, Mar 03, 2008 at 04:23:45PM -0700, Shawn Rutledge wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 3, 2008 at 3:57 PM, Felipe Balbi <me at> wrote:
> >  > I was referring to being able to use Motorola chargers and such.
> >
> >  In that case, an adapter will do until we have micro-connector based
> >  chargers ;-)
> So the USB group's plan is that all phones are going to have that kind
> of charger any day now?  Why do they keep jerking around with the

mini conectors are already obsolete. Checkout micro-usb specs.
All devices shall use micro connectors ;-)

> "standard", and how do you know everybody is going to adopt the latest
> version after all of that?   (I guess being at Nokia maybe you know
> their plans at least.)  It's not like the mini connectors are so
> terribly large anyway.  It's about like the SD/mini-SD/RS-MMC/micro-SD
> thing: many of today's phones are still not really too small for SD
> cards, and we sure as heck didn't need 4 different versions of the
> same thing.  (And you know what, I have devices that use all 4 of
> them, too.  Very annoying.)  Full-size SD and micro-SD would have been
> enough.

I agree with you, it's really annoying when they just decide to change
the specs, specially on connectors :-p

BTW, the specs is a few months old only and we can't use mini connectors
anymore, they don't eve have the OPT (OTG Protocol Tester) ready with
micro connectors, even though we have to put micro connector on devices
(crappy thingy :-p).

I think the thing is that devices are becoming more and more smaller and
having that "full-sized" mini-receptacle only forces companies to make
the device case bigger to fit that usb receptacle. It will also allow to
decrease the cost of device cases as it'll use less plastic and/or metal
to make it ;-)

Although all machinery for doing them will have to be tweaked, and by
tweaked I mean you need a whole new mold :-s

The difference between sd and usb cases is that you can still use common
sd cards, on usb the mini connectors are already obsolete and otg specs
are changing but this i can't comment much, sorry.

Best Regards,

Felipe Balbi
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