Bugzilla Bug 591 - dialing from contacts needs to be

pauric pauric at pauric.net
Fri Jul 13 15:18:03 CEST 2007

Mohammed Musallam: "a double tap would initiate a call to default
number (or the only number present), which to my knowledge isn't
present on the iPhone.
The single tap would remain to switch the view to second page (which
displays all of contact's details)."

I would suggest against a double tap to initiate a call (similar to a
mouse double click).  I agree with the comment that Apple have done
their homework.  My suggestion would be;
Single tap: 'pop-up' semi translucent dialogue with options for Call,
sms, email, edit, hangup etc

The main reason I propose against double-tap interaction is the timing
issue.  How fast should the gesture trigger? some users (elderly,
stiff fingers) might not be able to do two firm fast taps.  Double tap
is mostly a mouse & OS gesture. It is not a mosue & web gesture and in
my experience it does not work well on finger or stylus mobile

Note that on the iPhone there is no double-tapping interactions,
everything is one tap.

Florian Klien "who decides what is done on a double tap? let the user
decide that.
let the user edit a settings menu what he normally does with phone
numbers that come up on the phone anywhere (in the phone book, on
websites...) call them, send a text message, add them to the address
book, or whatever it is that comes in the future you can do with
phone numbers"

>From a usability perspective developers should be wary of dumping too
many choices on to the user.  Sometimes its just better to say 'this
is the way things are'.  Doing this makes for a more simple
interaction, yes there might be some limitations, but the over all
experience falls in to 'dont make me think'.  Letting the user
customimse the interaction/gesture options is, forgive me, engineering
centric design.  Openmoko interfaces should be designed for the users
tasks, it should not be a system-out presentation of configurable


Let me introduce myself.  I am a long time lurker on the openmoko
lists.  I am the user interface design team at 3Com building front
panel/CLI & web ui's for the switches, routers and some of the voice
boxes, as well as some Palm apps when we owned the, overall I have 12
years hardware & software design experience.  I have been involved on
the UI on a few open source projects in the past, some successful -
some not, and I really want to help out here.  I placed an order for a
device last week but I got no response and my card was not charged.
Hopefully I will get one but who knows (o;

regards  - pauric

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