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pauric pauric at pauric.net
Fri Jul 13 17:07:50 CEST 2007

PC World "initiating a phone call from the phone book is an "annoying two
step process"."

I think thats a misguided comment from them.  Show me a phone that allows
for ease of use, 1 step calling and presentation of secondary tasks (edit,
email, sms, etc)

Let me describe a methodology about communications, be that on a PC or
mobile device.  When a person wants to contact someone else, they first
think of the person, they second think of the method.  So, the Address book
is the 'menu' and the method (voice, sms, email) is the secondary method of
communication. This is how Apple have implemented it on the iPhone.

I would like my mobile interaction flow to work something like this

1)I decide I need to contact my boss because I'm stuck in traffic and late
for work
2)I select my boss from the address book
I'm presented with methods
3)I choose SMS (no email - no wifif/bluethooth, no voice call because he's
in a meeting etc)

So you see how the 2 step calling method works in real life, how PC World
says the iPhone fails, maybe they performed the test as a performance/timed
based lab test.

Someone in thsi thread last month suggested making the entire number the
button.  Why not make the entire name/number cell the button.  Tap and hold
for 0.25 seconds to go to the second page.  Then you are presented with
options: voice, sms, email, edit (under edit you can delete) and the voice
button changes to hang-up button during the call.

Btw, I have played with the iPhone and it is truly wonderful.
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