Bugzilla Bug 591 - dialing from contacts needs to be

pauric pauric at pauric.net
Fri Jul 13 18:18:55 CEST 2007

I should also point out, in my experience, its worth deciding on these
fundamental interactions early in the design. Known as a 'style
guide'.  Having a common method of interacting with all the
application will - greatly- aid the user experience.  Its needs to be
as simple as it needs to be to perform the most common user tasks, not
more simple, not more complex.

Something like, in all applications:
tap-hold performs the primary action on an element.
tap-release brings up a menu with 'secondary' options.

Forgive me, I have not been through all the screens/application yet.
I would be interested in hearing about applications that will have a
problem with this basic, common, interaction method

thanks for helping me get up to speed.

kind regards - pauric

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