Bugzilla Bug 591 - dialing from contacts needs to be

Emre Turkay emreturkay at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 10:13:46 CEST 2007

What about two different redundant applications. There is a need for
an address book application anyway. Select a person, see info, send
sms, send mail, dial options. Allows to edit various information, etc.
The second application would be only a dialer-lookup, which is only
used to dial someone. Go find a person, tap it and it dials. Launching
this application should be as simple as possible (a physical button or
a finger gesture), after all this is a phone and it seems to me like a
good idea to emphasize it.


On 7/13/07, pauric <pauric at pauric.net> wrote:
> I should also point out, in my experience, its worth deciding on these
> fundamental interactions early in the design. Known as a 'style
> guide'.  Having a common method of interacting with all the
> application will - greatly- aid the user experience.  Its needs to be
> as simple as it needs to be to perform the most common user tasks, not
> more simple, not more complex.
> Something like, in all applications:
> tap-hold performs the primary action on an element.
> tap-release brings up a menu with 'secondary' options.
> Forgive me, I have not been through all the screens/application yet.
> I would be interested in hearing about applications that will have a
> problem with this basic, common, interaction method
> thanks for helping me get up to speed.
> kind regards - pauric

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