Bugzilla Bug 591 - dialing from contacts needs to be

pauric pauric at pauric.net
Mon Jul 16 16:07:05 CEST 2007

Mickael "> Even if the default can be a well thought out solution, I don't why
> you shall not give the user all the options he wants. If the option is
> not a common one, just add it in the advanced tab."

We dont ever really know what the user wants.  We havent done any user
research. I fully appreciate that developers want full control of the
system interaction methods.  I would strongly question whether an
ordinary basic user would like to redefine the function calls behind
single tap, hold, etc.

Here's a little usability test (o;

Background info, iphone settings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOHGS8AEuTQ
So, if there's a similar section on neo with an advanced section...

Test: Suggest the wording to go in to the UI for reconfiguring the
function calls behind tap & hold as they relate to accessing
functionality in the address book.

If you're having trouble creating a design that conveys this in a
simple manner that anyone can understand... then its a low-level OS
build option, not a presentation layer UI option.

If you can can create a design thats easy to understand, it goes in the UI.

I cant think of a simple way to display these options.

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