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pauric pauric at
Mon Jul 16 21:27:05 CEST 2007

Mohammed.  I agree with you about -showing- a 'piechart'

The iPhone 'flick' scrolling is possibly a new standard in small form factor
(sff) interfaces.  We can now expect users to expect a similar interaction
on all lists in mobile devices, to a certain degree.

I would suggest changing the line in the wiki "In essence, a 4-way special
pie menu should appear when a mouse-down event is encountered inside a
scroll list. "

To "In essence, 4 way scrolling is enabled when a mouse-down event is
encountered inside a scroll list. "

You said "and all they where able to do is either single-click, double-click
and drag for almost as long." This isnt strictly true, Mac users have used
the Apple key in conjunction with the mouse to do right clicks.  I would be
-very- wary of drawing any comparisons with desktop OS's.  Its simply a
different world and runs the risk of forcing desktop only interactions in to
a tiny screen with very limited input.
Also "Remember we don't have a precise pointing tool (a mouse)"
On the contrary, I've found I can get pretty good results with a fingernail
on a touch sensitive display.  In related news, we did some usability
testing on the iPhone, women with fingernails could NOT use the iPhone
keyboard!! (o;

So I believe to simplify the touch interface:
    a. single-tap would equal a single click
    b. tap&hold would represent a double-click
    c. a drag would mean a scroll in that direction

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