Application UI Design Recommendations

pauric pauric at
Mon Jul 16 22:20:04 CEST 2007

Jeremiah " why not just double-click to double-click? that seems far more
intuitive to me (or don't use it at all)."

I feel openmoko app designers should avoid double tap like a plague of one
thousand fire ants in your underwear, its a problematic interaction on sff
screens.  Its a desktop OS method for launching apps, and it suits that
world.  It is not used on any of the Zaurus OS's (sharp, qtopia etc) that
I've played with and it wasnt used on the early palmOS.  It requires the
user to be quite forceful on the screen, e.g. try to gently tap twice on
your desk/screen.. but do it quickly, it doesnt really work.  Also, it
requires a lag after single taps - to check see if it will become a double

If there is ever a scenario where a single tap might cause problems and you
want to avoid accidents, use a confirmation dialog.
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