Application UI Design Recommendations

Jeremiah Flerchinger jeremiah.flerchinger at
Mon Jul 16 22:48:44 CEST 2007

pauric wrote:
> Jeremiah " why not just double-click to double-click? that seems far 
> more intuitive to me (or don't use it at all)."
> I feel openmoko app designers should avoid double tap like a plague of 
> one thousand fire ants in your underwear, its a problematic 
> interaction on sff screens.  Its a desktop OS method for launching 
> apps, and it suits that world.  It is not used on any of the Zaurus 
> OS's (sharp, qtopia etc) that I've played with and it wasnt used on 
> the early palmOS.  It requires the user to be quite forceful on the 
> screen, e.g. try to gently tap twice on your desk/screen.. but do it 
> quickly, it doesnt really work.  Also, it requires a lag after single 
> taps - to check see if it will become a double tap.
> If there is ever a scenario where a single tap might cause problems 
> and you want to avoid accidents, use a confirmation dialog.
I'm actually a fan of not using the double-click at all and think a 
single click is sufficient for opening files, directories, applications, 
etc.  Everything is accomplished on my computer with a single click and 
the double click is treated like 2 separate clicks. 

Basically, I don't see the benefit of the separate actions "single-tap 
would equal a single click" and "tap&hold would represent a 
double-click."  Why not use the single click for both actions and free 
up the tap&hold to represent a right-click?  A separate single-click and 
double-click representation is not really required to operate a system.

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