Bugzilla Bug 591 - dialing from contacts needs to be

Thomas Kallenberg thomas at no-more-secrets.ch
Mon Jul 16 22:59:31 CEST 2007

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pauric wrote:
> Thomas: "Would it be possible to define the action, lets say:
> Select/Call/$DOIT and
> then seperatly the "guesture" like: Tap, DoubleTab, Tap & Hold etc, take
> the simplest binding as default, but you can configure it in the settings?"
> Great suggestion, I'll start working on mapping the gestures to the actions
> and we can make a decision on what feels best for everyone.

Thanks :)

> To your second point, changing the settings.  I'm concerned about giving
> the
> user too many options.  First, is it necessary?  If we arrive at a well
> thought out solution, why give the user the option to change it to
> something
> else?  

What i realy like in linux and kde/gnome etc. is the possibility to
change nearly everything. And the "Tab thing" is one of the most
fundamental things in the smartphone usability (i think).
Maybe someone used Windows CE or Parm OS for many years and he wants to
have the single tab to call someone because the single tab always called
someone. He would love to change it. Maybe he will try something else.
He already choosed a Openmoko... ;)

I am afraid of a well solution for me is not a well out solution for
everyone out there.
Think of a mouse. Focus follows mouse vs. Focus on click.

> Second, I am concerned that allowing configuration of the
> fundamental
> interactions will break how some apps work?  maybe/maybe not, but I dont
> really see too many advantages, versus just fixing the interaction at a
> standard - makes the rules simple for both the user and
> developers/designers.

I dont have any idea how to implement such a thing but i can imagine it
must be implemented at a very low level.

Cheers Thomas

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