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Tue Jul 17 09:21:40 CEST 2007

On 16/07/07, Jeremiah Flerchinger <jeremiah.flerchinger at> wrote:
> Mohammed Musallam wrote:
> > "many programs almost require a right-click."
> >
> > That's based on the assumption you're using a desktop device (just
> > what pauric said) and we must try to avoid that. I know I've been
> > running the same sentence over and over but look at the iphone (LATI) :)
> >
> > well the idea behind taking away the right-click is to force the
> > designers to better design their programs work flow.
> I see your point.  Of course if we just call the events by different
> names this argument goes away.  Call them "simple press" and "extended
> press" for example.  In the contacts menu a simple-press could select a
> contact & bring up a page specific to that contact for calling, editing,
> etc.  A extended press could initiate a call and bring up a dialog to
> cancel.
> They're just events mapped to functions and we can call them whatever we
> like.  One is a basic event and the other can be an advanced event.  I
> would say most apps use single clicks for simple/basic events and right
> clicks for advanced events.  Single-clicks and double-clicks are more
> common to desktops and filesystem browsing.  The appropriate behavior
> can be used in the appropriate instance.
> Again I think we're just arguing over names, when event behavior is the
> real issue.
On the desktop where double-click is enabled, singe-click is mostly used to
select things. On OpenMoko, you could also select things by tap&drag, and
then drop the double-click.

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