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re: apple zooming
very good point Mohammed, I completely missed the zooming interaction.  And
as there is no multitouch pinch gesture on the neo1973, zooming needs to be
spelled out.  Thanks!

On 7/19/07, Mohammed Musallam <musallam001 at> wrote:
> I agree. A distinction should be made between apps on the phone that are
> finger apps and intended for day2day _phone_ operation and other apps that
> adds or mimics a software available for the PC, e.g. a TextEditor (mobile
> openoffice maybe?).
> btw, i just noticed... the iphone does implement a double tap. in safari
> and google maps, double tap is used to zoom in.
> i know this defeats almost this whole discussion, but its something to
> ponder... to Apple, a double tap is not something difficult for their end
> users...
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> I had a think about this last night.  There is a use case for double
> tapping: to select a word in a text editor.
> So, some time in the next few days I'll edit the wiki with a line that
> advises against the common implementation of a double tap gesture, but in
> circumstances where there is a clear parallel with a desktop app ( e.g.
> text editing, url entry, copy/paste selection etc) that the designer should
> carefully consider implementing that gesture.
> Excellent discussion - thanks all.
> On 7/19/07, ramsesoriginal <ramsesoriginal at<>>
> wrote:
> >
> > We must not forget that this actually IS a phone, and on a phone
> > "normal" users don't double-click since there's no mouse. As far as I have
> > seen, end-users don't even think of double-clickning on phones (except some
> > of the techie ones, wich have the skill to understand when to double-click
> > and when not).
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