Application UI Design Recommendations

pauric pauric at
Thu Jul 19 20:35:17 CEST 2007

Thank you for that clarification John, I followed your convention in
the wiki edit but applied the desktop convention of max = triple tap.

>From the wiki Application Tap behavior section
Double tap & triple tap: Two or three short single taps in < 1 second.
Equivalent to a double click on a desktop OS's. Note, this is to be
used in rare circumstances, it is not required to launch applications
or open files as in desktop OS's, a single tap has been assigned to
this. Single tap places a cursor, double tap selects a word, triple
tap can select a sentence & single tap again clears the selection and
places the cursor again.

Note, I've roughly framed tapping & holding differentiation at the 1
second mark.  That is, mousedown-mouseup in < 1 second = tap.  And >=
1 second is a tap-hold.

If I find standards (possible Apple) contrary to that I'll correct the wiki

Now, one other conflict is scrolling & selecting.  Its not going to be
possible to both have intuitive scrolling (ala iphone flick) and allow
users to drag & drop icons.

How do people suggest we resolve the interaction conflict?

cheers - pauric

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