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pauric pauric at
Fri Jul 20 15:32:45 CEST 2007

Simon: "I've tried to find some sort of UI Guideline/UE Policy concerning the
openmoko platform, but haven't come across any - is there one out there?"

A few of us have started working on the UI styleguide
Your input is very welcome, discussions mostly reside on the
openmoko-apps at list.

However, we are now increasingly aware of a fundamental issue with the
main finger gesture

There are some obvious usbaility issues for switching between left &
right hand, for switching between finger and stylus apps, for
one-handed operation of stylus only applications (e.g. contact) the
limited gestural range of the finger scrolling widget.

Our current thinking is to specify a new widget that is similar in
intent to the iPhone flick, an invisible 4-way scrolling gesture
available on both finger and stylus based apps.

Your input on how to define and push forward this request to the core
app group, in the interest of user experience, is very welcome.

kind regards  - pauric

Simon wrote: "Hi you all!

As recently introduced to the open source domain I must say that the
openmoko-platform/Neo1973-project really has been an eye-opener.

I've been working professionally within the mobile software industry for
several years as interaction designer and I'm candidly looking forward
to "meet" the first freed phone on the mass market.

One of the great advantages with the openmoko-solution (and challenges,
as I see it) is that it potentially facilitates "wholehearted"
liberation of the end user experience as well as customization
possibilities never seen before...

...BUT enclosed with this liberation - UI challenges arise, such as;
consistent UI and permeate intuitive interaction algorithms (especially
when it comes to 3rd party applications). In short time I have come
across UE issues solely through SDK usage in combination with Neo1973
focused conceptual interface paper mockup testing.

This comes down to my introductory "mailing list"-question/discussion:

I've tried to find some sort of UI Guideline/UE Policy concerning the
openmoko platform, but haven't come across any - is there one out there?
Or is the only input available; found at the openmoko Wiki - "Look &
Feel"-section ( ).

If the "Look & Feel"-section is the solely source of UE specification
available - is there any discussions going on (e.g. within the openmoko
mailing list's or "externally") concerning how UI design directives
could/should be developed for the community/developers?

/Simon Thorsander

Interaction designer within a small-scale openmoko project at Teleca.

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