RFC: fingernav widget proposal

Brad Midgley bmidgley at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 16:13:12 CEST 2007


> But I need to look in to the new pim suite.  However, it hard to see
> how this could not be a universal nav methodology.
> I'll put more graphics in there, pictures speak more than words.

pocketpc has a sort of tap-and-hold and it is ok for things you don't
do often, like edit/delete/open/etc. That would correspond to the
first part of your diagram.

Tap-and-hold for scrolling is a nice idea. I like the idea that it
accelerates the farther you drag from the original point. That would
also work well for scrolling a map in all directions.

Dragging (without the tap and hold) should still work as a quick way
to move around in eg a list and you could easily do it several times
in a row. I use google earth on a touchscreen machine and I like how a
drag like this is a way to move around in a landscape... I think
iPhone does it even better by slowing down the scroll speed so you end
up scrolling one or two screens at a time. (google earth keeps moving
in a constant speed after a drag gesture which would be frustrating if
you pass the thing you're after)

it also seems clear that items in the list need to be bigger than in
the current apps so you don't tap and hold the wrong item
accidentally... and also that they should abandon the split-screen
approach and use the whole screen for one thing at a time.


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