ipkg 'dumb' mode

Lars Hallberg lah at micropp.se
Thu Mar 15 16:57:21 CET 2007

ipkg looks great for the main system from the main repro.

But the optional install scripts (preinst etc) is bad for third party 
packages. That's usually end-user applications, and they don't get run 
by any other than unprivileged users. They rarely *need* install time 
configuration. It's then a pity that the install scripts can compromise 
the system by running the install scripts as a privileged user.

It would be great with a 'dumb' mode that simply refuse to run any 
install scripts. Possibly using the 'prefix' feature to install the 
binarys and libs in a location only used by unprivileged user.

And... 'dumb' mode should be default for any but sources configured as 
trusted (by default the officials OpenMoko repros). Using packet 
signatures to decide default policy is an option.

Blue sky (making 'dumb' ipkg smart):

An special file containing declaration like:

create systemuser foo # Make sure user foo exist as a system user.
Start foobar at boot as user foo # Create needed sysv scrips or
                                  # wathever other the system use
create dir bar/foo
give foobar privilege zoo

etc... Making the install script even less needed. The install system 
can then grant the individual rights based on profile and possibly ask 
the user in uncertain cases.


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