Internacionalization to Spanish OpenMoko

Evgeny Ginzburg Nad.Oby at
Tue Jul 1 12:17:53 CEST 2008

Resending to list

Jeffrey Steve Borbón Sanabria wrote:
> Hello everybody
> Last week I attend to a Sean Moss talk in Colombia's Campus Party. I 
> talk to him and ask about translation to spanish of the software and 
> tools of OpenMoko development, he told me that maybe in this mailing 
> list I could get some help and indications to involve with the project 
> and give some help as a traslator.
> Actually I've work as a traslator of KDE project (Kdeadmin branch), 
> Inkscape, Kdissert, View your Mind, and other projects, so I think that 
> maybe I can help a bit :)
> I hope your answeers.

I've only translated openmoko-calculator to Russian some months ago,
don't know status of L10n now.

There is nothing special in translating openmoko.
Get the code, find a .pot or .po files, translate.
Send back.
Sometimes developer doesn't provide L10n infrastructure.
You can generate .po & .pot by yourself or ask developer to do this.
I've tend to send translations to developer of the app because I don't
nave write access to cvs/svn/git and don't really know how to use them.
There also possible to send files/patches to dev maillist.
Thought I newer seen a patch related to L10n on maillists.

Here some links

Best regards Evgeniy Ginzburg

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