3D support?

Tom Cooksey tomcooksey at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 1 23:11:13 CEST 2008

>> My previous job was to program games for pocket pc, smartphone and
>> programmed 3D games for the desktop. I was wondering if the neo freerunner
>> already has 3D support that applications can use. If there isn't, would it
>> be possible for an individual to obtain the documention of the glamo (I'm
>> willing to sign an nda)? I've already programmed in linux a (very) basic 3D
>> hw accel using the framebuffer for the G200 several years ago so I know what
>> I'm getting myself into. :)
> no 3d accel available. basic 2d accel only in x (blits, fills). we can't
> provide you docs even if you sign an nda with us. it's trickier than that. no
> solution currently there, but we've looked at some ideas.

Isn't the glamo going in the GTA03 anyway?

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