3D support?

Marc Palmans marcpalmans at telenet.be
Wed Jul 2 00:09:16 CEST 2008

>> no 3d accel available. basic 2d accel only in x (blits,
>> fills). we can't provide you docs even if you sign an
>> nda with us. it's trickier than that. no solution
>> currently there, but we've looked at some ideas.
> Isn't the glamo going in the GTA03 anyway?

I wouldn't reject the glamo just for this. I've emailed smediatech directly 
for the documentation and said signing an nda wasn't a problem. I want to 
hear first hand what their policy is. For example, in the old days (damn, 
I'm getting old :) ) S3 would only release their documentation if you 
completed a form saying which company you worked for, what your first 
release title would be, etc... As a student I filled it in (and had to put 
in N/A in several parts) and didn't hear from them in months. Then I 
suddenly got by regular mail the complete documentation I asked for.

If the glamo can't be "open" like that, I would prefer another gpu. 

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