Real Time kernel any experience?

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Wed Jul 2 15:15:39 CEST 2008

A quick and awesome response ;)

I will keep in mind that, 1us is a really quick reaction time (like your replies  ;)) but the goal is for running a plc software  so I need to assure a regular latency time more than  the quickest time possible( but it helps to know than this react time is even possible).

kernel is able to connect with the high precision clocks of the arm processor?

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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | Hi there,
> |
> | In order to make some test  I'm interested in make a
> rt patched
> | kernel to the neo any one has tried this before? any
> incompatibility
> | with 0M already detected?
> I didn't try it, but we do have FIQ support in the OM
> kernel, you can
> write the service code in C as well.
> If you are after hard real time response FIQ can deliver it
> much more
> aggressively than any other solution (you are running the
> service code
> in ~1us from the stimulus for sure no matter what anything
> else is doing).
> If the need is to do with scheduling behaviours then it
> doesn't directly
> help.
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