Cross compiling glib and GConf for openmoko

Deniz Koçak lenduha at
Wed Jul 2 19:24:14 CEST 2008


As a part of my project ( IM/VoIP based on telapathy framework ) while
I was trying to compile libempathy (0.23.x), I noticed that libempathy
depends on glib version 2.16, but the glib version in the toolchain is
2.14.x? What can I do at this point, should I try to cross compile new
glib version ( what about runtime, we need this version during the
runtime? ) or it can be found as a binary somewhere in the
repositories (newer version of glib).

In addition to this the dependency mission-control uses gnome-keyring
to store passwords or gconf due to the lack of keyring. I disabled the
keyring and compiled it with the toolchain, but I am not sure about
the future of gconf. I mean new stacks will contain gconf and can we
use it for a long time?

Thanks in advance.

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