Help with creating a high-functionality, high-stability FSO/ASU based release

Asheesh Laroia openmoko at
Fri Jul 4 03:54:38 CEST 2008

On Thu, 3 Jul 2008, Bobby Martin wrote:

> We want to create a new image and do regular builds.  You can see below 
> for the details of what we want to do, but I have a question independent 
> of the specifics...

(I'm paulproteus - I signed up on the wiki.)

> What is the best way to start a new release in which you do some 
> userspace customizations, but mostly use the existing FSO and ASU 
> packages, and the same OE baseline?  Should we:

In general, this is an OpenEmbedded question - maybe we should discuss it 
on their lists if there's no good answer here.  I've only been a user of 
OE doing builds with mtn, never actually developed with it (or really used 
the git view of OE outside of MokoMakefile).

> a) start our own git repository, and pull updates from the OE, FSO and
> ASU/2007.2 git repositories?
> b) label and/or branch the OE, FSO, ASU repositories and do any
> customization on the branches?
> c) some mixture of the above two
> d) something totally different?

My feelings on this are to to fork OE, FSO, and/or ASU into our own git 
branch hosted in our own repository (which I can easily host at  Others can easily add it as a remote and cherry-pick 
what they need.

I would suggest branching off FSO rather than the other choices to most 
easily get their updates, and add in what we want from the other branches.

Serious question: Are there docs somewhere on what we're doing - 
developing for OE with git?  If not, would someone recommend a best 

If we don't get a best practice recommended, IMHO we should forge ahead 
with some strategy anyway.  Let's keep talking.

-- Asheesh.

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