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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| Woohoo, fork city!
|> As Mickey noted in his earlier email on this topic, why fork OE?  This
|> is not a fork, its continuing development of a project that originated
|> in OE, and was forked to a separate git repo later on.

Well, OK, but taken with needing a separate kernel, it's a fork.  Forks
are about control.  But, in GPL world, forks are not always bad news,
everyone can have everything and choose the mix they like.  And for
customers, having multiple living images that can mix from each other is
just a flat out win.

|> So fundamentally, OM (the repo) currently exists as a fork from OE to
|> facilitate the business goals and needs of OM (the company), and not for
|> the convenience of OM (the community).  The conclusion is clear; OE is
|> the best choice for the community.

Personally I have always been uncertain about OE being "best choice*",
that, but never mind.

| Mike, I think you'd make a great choice as handling a community kernel.
|> Given our recent discussions, I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic,
|> but whatever.  There will be no changes in the short term; the stock
|> kernel will continue to be the one marked "stable" in the OM git repo
|> (that's how OE works).  For those interested, there will be experimental
|> kernels, just as there are now, with various changes and patches.

No no, it's an occupational hazard of being English that it's hard to
tell if we're being sarcastic.  I mean it, your code has been very deep
into the guts of the kernel and you can obviously handle it.

Problems debugging something like resume handshake management are the
extreme stinky end of the stick anyway, any code to penetrate the
mysteries of it is not going to be loved by anyone that didn't
understand the extremity.  It's just unfortunate current situation.

| That's nothing, they also have some core channel going on for "real
| insiders".
|> Non-Disclosure Agreements are nasty things.  I've worked on a project
|> where the lawyers' interpretation would have prohibited discussions on
|> even a closed IRC channel.

That's the excuse for the devel channel.  There isn't an excuse for the
other one.

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