[PATCH] Gypsy fix for GTA01 and Gypsy support for Navit

Tim Niemeyer tim.niemeyer at mastersword.de
Fri Jul 4 20:09:53 CEST 2008


i heared that the framework team will use gypsy as the gps daemon.
So i played a bit with gypsy. 

At first gypsy doesn't work on GTA01, so i patched it:
-service file located in wrong directory
-gypsy doesn't accept a the nmea pipe from gllin

Then i patched navit_svn that it uses gypsy.

Patches are against org.openmoko.dev . The main patches for Navit
and Gypsy are sent to the projects.

This patches were some exercises for me, and bypass the real framework,
because there actually isn't any GPS Framework and unfortunately there
isn't a scheme/model for this framework. Gypsy alone couldn't be
the GPS Framework, because the application has to configure the GPS

Tim Niemeyer
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