IM/VoIP client based on Telepathy Framework Update

Deniz Koçak lenduha at
Fri Jul 4 22:26:54 CEST 2008


I am a GSOC student with the project IM/VoIP client based on Telepathy
Framework and this is my second project status mail.

* I have been working on account management and instant messaging with
this client. Most of the had been done, but I have still some cruel
problems which I am trying to solve.

* As I mentioned before I choose libempathy and some parts of
libempathy-gtk. I have been using 0.23.3 and I don't plan to change it
because of the stability of the application.

* I got my freerunner last week and started to cross-compile the
necessary packages, I faced compilation problems with the new
toolchain which I hope to solve. I think its ok but not tested enough.
Then I'll continue to make packages of these libraries/connection
managers to completely work on my freerunner. I am planning to
complete these task in the next week during the GUADEC in İstanbul.

* I haven't been committed my code to svn, sorry about that but I'll
commit it in a few days. My project will be hosted on under the name "tumay" (it was registered ).

I will write here whenever I change/commit something. I am looking
forward to hear from you, for valuable feedback. Thanks in advance.

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